Smushed Rock Business
By Kamya Magee

Business Description

Have you ever heard of business on Mars?

The name of my business is Smushing Rock and Selling.   Smushing Rock and Selling is a neat place to sell rocks.  the service my business provides is huge rocks getting smushed into medium or small pecies.  The reason I created my business is because Mars has alot of dust and rocks.

All in all,Mars is a great place to build my business.

Rocks Menu

Color of Rocks

Pink Rocks 4.00$

Green Rocks 2.00$

Blue Rocks 3.00$

Size of Rocks

Large 6.00$

Medium 3.00$

Extra Extra Small1.00$

Food at my Business

Burgers  5.00$

Chicken Tenders  3.00$

Grilled Chesse  1.00$

Persuasive Letter

921 shooting Star,Circle Mars,Solar System 21421

Dear Custumor,You should come to my business on Mars.You don't have to sit at home all day.Just enjoy yourself while you are there. You will see different types of rocks. The rocks will be in all colors but when you pick them up they sparkle.You could see how big our company is.It might be the biggest thing you have ever seen before.To Sum it up,There are many things for you to see at my business on Mars.

Sincerely, Kamya