***Guide Dogs, after you have read through this page, click through this link - GUIDE DOG CHECKLIST - and use it to organize! ***

First Things First
Please read through the Middle School Infographic and Faculty Bios linked below. All guests will receive a copy of these in the folder they will carry throughout the day.
Be prepared.

Thank you for your willingness to serve as a Guide Dog for prospective students and families who will visit Norfolk Academy. Simply put, your job is to share your experiences in the middle school and the opportunities that Norfolk Academy offers to students!  A prospective student will shadow you through your day, attend classes and lunch with you, interview with Mr. Sigrist, and meet your teachers and peers to learn more about Norfolk Academy.  Your positive energy and helpfulness during the day will go a long way in helping to make our visitors feel comfortable - be a bulldog!

On this page you will find important information - the Guide Dog schedule, Guide Dog checklist, links, and contact information for questions.  Please read through this carefully - you may also want to bookmark this page for reference.

Middle School Guide Dog Info!

                                                                 THE SCHEDULE!

Mr. Jarvis included all of the necessary info about your prospective student in the email where you found the link to this page.


1)  Make sure you are ready!  Call the visiting student to introduce yourself on the night before they visit. Be sure you let them know you will meet them in the Admissions Office by 8 am the next morning!

1) You only get one chance to make a first impression! Meet your prospective student in the Admissions Office by 8 am and sit with them in MS chapel. Please be on time (a little early is even better).

2) Students will travel with you throughout the day - classes, break and lunch as well. Please introduce them to your teachers, coaches, and classmates in each bell!  You each will receive a coupon for a drink and snack at the bookstore -- walk them over to the mobile bookstore at BREAK!

3) During your study hall or H Bell, please give the student a tour of the middle school, the library, athletics areas (pavilion, pool, fitness room), and the Tucker Art Center. Like you, many of our prospective students play sports, instruments, and participate in Fine Arts. Make a special effort to have them meet those coaches and teachers that you know are involved in the programs they are interested in. While we want them to see as much as possible, but because classes are in session, please do not visit the LS and US buildings.

4) Please escort your student to Mrs. Bousman in the MS Office at the interview time (provided to you in Mr. Jarvis's email). Mrs. Bousman will bring the student back to you after the interview.

5) At 2:30, please bring the prospective student back to the Admissions Office.

1) Pick up a note card from Mr. Jarvis's office door, and take a few minutes to write a thoughtful note to the prospective student - it does not have to be long. Be sure to let them know how much you appreciate their visiting - think about the highlights of the day, the questions they asked, the things they found interesting and exciting about their visit. Leave the note on Mr. Jarvis's office desk - we'll take care of mailing it for you.

Please send us an email below