Mobile Apps For ED

By Ejan Bremness


Elements: A Visual Exploration is a great app for a high school chemistry class. Elements give the student the ability to get up close and explore the elements in a brand new way. The student can now examine rare, dangerous or extremely expensive elemental materials from their iDevice, be it at school at home or any place in-between. This app would be very valuable for any research project in a chemistry class. The app comes equipped with a large gallery of information from WolframAlpha and is very accurate.


Anatronica 3D Interactive Autonomy is a mobile app designed for education. It allows the student to dive into the human body and explore all the working systems within. It comes equipped with information from wikipedia as well as Grays Anatomy. The app is fully touch interactive on tablets as well as keyboard or mouse operated on a computer. This app would work great as a study and research tool in any biology classroom and beyond. This app can replace the expensive and hard to come by models that most biology class rooms have today. Every student has their own model to interact with and explore.


Study Blue is a well rounded study app mostly comprised of flashcards. Students are able to create their own content to study or can choose from a number of pre-made sets. Students can use text, images and even audio to create flash cards to study. The app has a greater use as a LMS. Teachers are able to create virtual classes, post content for the students and track student progress as they work through the content in the quizzes. Study Blue is available on iOS, Android as well as on line. This app would work well in any K-12 classroom as a simple study tool. The teacher could create a set cards and a quiz as a pre testing activity. The progress charts could help the teacher evaluate each students readiness.

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