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Seriously. You'll never go back to painting your nails again! Jamberry nail wraps are vinyl, heat-activated, pressure-sealed, DIY nail wraps that will knock your socks off! Ever wish you could create all of those beautiful Pinterest-style designs? Well, these are better and a million times easier to use!

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Take the seven-day challenge! Request a free sample today! When you get your sample, apply your sample and paint the rest of your nails. See which lasts longer!  Post a picture on this page for 20 entries into our party giveaway!

Pre Gaming

Hey, girls! So glad to see some RSVPs coming in! Over the course of the next week, you'll have many opportunities to enter to win a FREE Jamberry Nails pedicure pack! Just watch for posts and participate in the games to be entered to win! This sweet prize will be given out on the evening of the party! I'm so excited to share this information with you!

Everything's better when you're playing along with friends!

If you invite any of your friends into our party you get 10 bonus entries PER friend that comments/plays along during our party.

Click on members under the party banner to invite them in! Tag them in this post after you've invited them!


Ladies, let's get this party started!

Here's our first game! What are Jamberry Nails I'm so glad you asked! They are heat activated vinyl wraps that adhere to your nails (and will also adhere to gel, acrylic, shellac, etc.) and last on your fingernails for up to TWO WEEKS (and even more!) and your toenails for up to SIX WEEKS! They do not chip like polish and there's no drying time!

Wait.  No drying time? Heck yes!

One sheet will give you up to 4 applications (manicures and/or pedicures) with each application costing under $4! Are you loving this yet?
So let's do this!

Every person who posts a question about Jamberry Nails (the product, hosting a party, or becoming a consultant), will be given 10 entries into the big giveaway drawing! There is no limit to how many questions you can ask! Ready? Set? GO!


What's your persoNAILity? Do share! Which best suits your personality? Post below to add your name to the drawing for free nail wraps!  Suggest which persoNAILity best fits this party's hostess for an extra entry!

Tonight's the night!  See you right here on this page for tonight's JAMBOREE!  

Hey, girls!  We'll get started in about 5 minutes.  In the mean time, like my consultant page to be entered to win tonight's drawing!

ROLL CALL! Let's do a little low-intensity ice-breaker, shall we? Comment below to check in and be entered to win the giveaway!

Party Posts

Party Post 1: Welcome to the JAMBOREE, we are now LIVE! Please hit “like” below if you are with us this evening to count your name in for our drawings at the end of the party! Every few minutes or so, refresh the page to see the newest party posts.

I am so thrilled to be sharing the new fall/winter catalog with you ladies tonight!

Party Post 2: While everyone checks in, I’ll start with a few DETAILS about Jamberry wraps… These nail wraps are a new and innovative way to avoid nail polish drying time, chipping and pricey visits to the salon. They are a DIY DREAM. They come in 300+ designs (plus a nail art studio where you can design your own!), last up to 2 weeks on fingernails, 6 weeks on toenails and WILL NOT CHIP. They are a vinyl adhesive wrap that is heat activated and pressure sealed to the nail. They will NOT damage your nail when removed properly, which we will talk about later.

Party Post 3: Here is a little Jam visual: This is a full manicure and pedicure done from a 1/2 sheet (with a little to spare). It’s easy to get 2 manicures from a sheet of wraps, but you could easily get 2 manicures and 2 pedicures from a single sheet, too!

At $15 per sheet, this comes to $3.75 per use! Your salon will flip their lids, and your budget will be breathe a sigh of relief with your frugality ALL while you show of your super cute fingernails and toenails to the world.

Party Post 4: Here is our agenda for tonight:
1. Intro (finishing this up now!)
2. Application process – this is key!
3. More information about Jamberry wraps and products
4. QandA
5. Giveaways – don’t forget to check in on Party Post #1 so I can add your name and entries!

6. Shop till you drop!

Party Post 5:

How do you apply Jamberry nail wraps? Good question! Check out this Jamberry Application video…a good application is THE key to making your “Jamicure” last! 90% of issues that people have with their wraps are due to some type of application error. Take a few minutes to watch the application video to help you get a better feel of what you’ll do to get them on your nails!

Party Post 6:


One of the most fabulous things about Jamberry nail wraps is that they have a non-toxic option for a long lasting manicure and they WON’T damage your nails *when removed properly.*

When you are removing them, they should come off easily. For the sake of your beautiful nails, do not tug, pull or peel them off. I like to gently pull up on a tiny corner. Then, soak my nail in baby oil or polish remover for a bit then use a flosser to edge gently under the nail until it slips off. I learned by trial and error and there are tons of videos online explaining other safe methods of removal.  Find your groove with a practice or two.

Party Post 7:

Do you already know that you want to have your own party?  Check out these hostess exclusives!  When you host a party that hits $250 in sales--that's just 17 wraps purchased during the party-- you earn the exclusive nail wrap for the month!  Even if your party doesn't reach that level, there are still discounts and free product to earn.  After my first party, I had about 7 wraps at my door within days of the party closing.  

Private message me to schedule a party NOW!  

Also, feel free to request a party here:

Party post 8:

Every month, Jamberry offers an exclusive nail design that is only available during that calendar month. October’s tribal-inspired Sisters’ Style Exclusive alternates patterns of dream catchers, faded fringe and whimsical dots in light harvest hues. Use the full set for a mix-and-match mani or pick your favorites for accent nails that pair perfectly with our Sweet Sangria nail lacquer.

Party Post 9:

Jamberry also sells a line of wraps exclusively for the little lady in your life. Little girls in your life will love Jamberry! Check out to order!

Party Post 10:

Do you love the look of french tips?  Jamberry carries a full line of french tip inspired nail wraps, too!  Check out this link to see the selection!

Party Post 11:

Having trouble narrowing down all the choices because you love them all? Well... maybe a monthly subscription is just for you! SyleBox by Jamberry is a brand new addition to Jamberry's offerings.  It includes a design from the catalog, plus an exclusive design ONLY available with a StyleBox subscription, as well as some application tools. Check it out!

Party Post 12: Is anyone thinking that you would love to sell a product that practically sells itself? Are you up for getting in on the ground floor of an amazing company which sells amazing products to amazing women?  If you have enjoyed yourself this evening and find yourself thinking “I can TOTALLY do this” or if you are curious at all about the Jamberry opportunity, I’d love to answer your questions.

Please feel free to PM me and we’ll talk more!

Party Post 13: Question and answer time! Fire away, ladies!  Ask any of your remaining questions on this post and I'll get them answered for you!

Party Post 14: Alrighty girls, that's all the info I have to share with you tonight. Go ahead and get shopping!

Please let me know if you have more questions!

Party Post 15: Giveaway entries are now CLOSED while I tally up all the entries.  I'll make an announcement shortly while you shop to your heart's content!

Thanks to everyone for coming out tonight!  It was a pleasure hanging and talking about these awesome nails!  

Post Party Posts

This party is now closed!  Thanks for being awesome, ladies!  :)

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