Summer Nights

Austin Struzynski             April 16th, 2014

Summer Nights.
We all know them.
Family gathers around,
and recalling stories
from distant pasts.

Its a quarter to nine as we all huddle around the fire
and gaze at the sparks
as they morph into the night sky.

The occasional chirp of a cricket,
hoot of an owl,
or rustle of wind drifting through thick-leaved trees,
break into our quiet conversations
stealing attention
from our distracted selves.

These nights shape our lives.
We will one day look back and say,
"Those were the good times."
These nights cause us to almost,
lose ourselves and forget all worries and just have fun.
Nights like these aren't to be taken for granted,
because we grow old
and lose these fun,
Summer nights.

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