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9th grade English
Trevor Hampton

expository essay

How cars changed our life.

The BEST machine that has helped us humans is the car. Used to people in the old time had horses and boats to travel. Now we have cars that can take us to many places. Even though there is advantages, there is also disadvantages.

A advantage to have a car is we get to places faster. Also it's less dangerous from certain things in nature. Like storms and animals. One advantage is it keeps us warm in winter and cool in summer.

A disadvantage is it pollutes harmful gases that harm the ozone layer. It also can hurt mad even kill us because of the things we do in the cars. Not only can it hurt us,but it can hurt some animals like deer, raccoon,cat,and dogs.

How cars changed our world? We can do many things with cars and vehicles. As time passes we will improve cars and more things can be done with them. With cars the world turned into a busy place.

Therefore, cars can be helpful and bad for people in the world. Who knows cars will maybe able to fly before we know it.

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