ISTE 2015 Vendors

This Tackk documents a sample of the vendors I visited and my thoughts on their products.


Andria Trivisonno

See one page attachment on vendor mini-sessions.


Judy Patterson

We are already subscribers to the OverDrive ebook system.  While at ISTE, we decided to stop by and see if they could demonstrate some of their newest enhancements, as well as give us ideas on how to better market our ebook offerings.  One of their newest products is narrated, ebooks. While most of their selections are targeted to the elementary ages, it is definitely a cool feature. I would consider adding these to my online library when they add high school material.


Beverly Fine

I selected to visit BrainPop because the company came up in a discussion I had about video streaming services.  We currently subscribe to Learn360 and have used Discovery Streaming in the past.  It had been mentioned that BrainPop served students K-12 (including BrainPop, Jr.) After viewing the product, I don't find it appropriate for my high school students, but would definitely recommend it to other intermediate and middle schools.

Codeable Crafts

Masahiro Yachi

I was interested in looking at programming apps and software geared towards the earliest learner. I oversee the preschool library and would love to bring back some information for the teachers.  After visiting the booth, I was made aware that this is an app only available on Android tablets (for now). They are currently working on making this app available for iPads.  It allows students to tell stories and design characters using templates through coding.  It is well-developed and I would definitely purchase for K-2 whenever the iPad app is developed.  

First in Math

I decided to visit the  First in Math booth because I was asked by our Director of Mathematics to bring back information on Math support programs.  First in Math is a K-8 online program that works is focused on skills and numerical fluency, but also encourages problem solving and critical thinking skills. Comparing it to a program that we currently use, Waggle, I would not purchase First in Math.


Ross Ingram

Sphero is a small robot that is shaped as a white ball.  It can be programmed using a smartphone or tablet.  I was skeptical when I first approached the table, as I assumed it was for younger kids. After speaking with the rep and watching a demonstration, I have ordered one to start my Mobile Makerspace in my high school library.

KidPix 3D

See one page attachment on vendor mini-sessions.


Scott Caulfield

Swivl is a platform that is comprised by a robotic base, a smartphone with app, and a
"marker".  It allows instructors to move around the classroom and have their video recorded.  The robotic base follows the marker, which contains a microphone and a clicker to advance any slides uploaded into the Swivl app. I could see this being utilized at my high school for blended learning or flipped classrooms.  If I had the resources, I would definitely purchase a couple to pilot with some teachers.


DecisionEd is a performance management system that pulls data from existing sources and creates analytical tools, dashboards, and scorecards. I decided to visit this booth because I wanted to learn more about how they tap into current data sources and compiled it into one repository.  The decision to go with this company is at a district-level, but I will definitely share with our tech director.


Srinivas Mandyam

I visited the Tynker booth because their display allowed you to "tanker" with their programming app, as well as look at their online curriculum to be used with an entire class.  Not only is Tynker an app for kids to practice programming, but it includes online, self-paced courses for students to work alone and classroom tools and curriculum to teach programming in schools. I would definitely purchase Tynker to be used in my district K-12 because it encompasses all areas of programming.

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