Seven Things You Don't Need To Know About Me


My favourite out of all sports is Cricket, my life is about cricket I train everyday trying to be the best I can. So far I have made the under 13 Hawkes Bay Reps at the age of 11, I have also been the captain of the Hawkes Bay Year 7 Reps at Year 7, my biggest dream is to be a successful International Cricketer.

I also enjoy playing rugby and  made two rep side in year 5 and 6. I was captain of the 1st XV for Te Mata team that played he Rex Graham Cup and Performed a Haka here it is.


My second passion is music, I love music I have a Ukulele, Guitar, Electric Guitar and a amp for my Electric Guitar. I made it into choir last year but couldn't do Orchestra because guitar is not allowed. This is last years video for cross fit, we needed to make a song that is healthy so I did a food parody of Royals here is the video so far it has 278 views LOL

Call Of Duty

One of my other hobbies is playing online with my friends on a game called Call Of Duty Advance Warfare, it is a game where you have to play the objectives of different game modes and kill the opposition, I play this when I am bored or I have some free time which is not often at all. Here are some photos of my gameplays

This Is me sniping on the map riot

My Pet

I have one seven year old Persian cat and his name is called Scruffy, he is as fluffy as a really furry blanket, his birth date is 16th of October and mine is the 18th of October, this is a photo of him when he was 3 but he is much fluffier now than 4 years ago. He is a great cat and I love him alot.

I have a very interesting talent that is maths. I just love doing types of maths like counting money making graphs and trying to extend my maths the best I can. I work hard on homework and try the best I can on tests and answer questions the easiest way possible.


I am a very tactile person which means your very touchy or ticklish. I get tickled alot and I laugh hard out and my friends laugh because my laughter is so weird and wacky. I'm glad that i'm ticklish because it is some thing's that make you funny.  


I have lots of friends in this school and I have already made heaps in this class here are some of them. Lucas, Bruno, Jacob, Ethan, Jaevarn and lots more that I could show but I won't

My Friends

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