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the overwhelming feeling from my monologue is pride Mr.Webb loves grovers corner and wouldnt change a thing about it every word is filled with a bit tongue and the overwhelming urge to shout your damn right we have no culture. i remember having this feeling about sturgis a fellow falmouth public school student asked me "you go to sturgis? isnt that a school freaks and queers who cant fit in with normal people you know the smart retards " to which i said damn right it is its absolutely a school for freaks those who can have their own opinion on something yes its a school for "queers" people who have the ability to understand whats going on in their brain who cant fit in with people like you actually no your wrong there we can fit in and thats why we go to sturgis we are all terrified that if we go to your school we will fit in with people like you and frankly that thought sickens us. so yes that is exactly what the school is for! that feeling is inmy monolouge penned up inside mr.webb begging to be set free but instead he calmly answers her question and moves on.