Sweet Delicious Food, Namkeens and the Indian Snack at Ratlami Tadka

WE delivers Indian Namkeen

When it comes to namkeen and when it comes to tasty foods with lip smacking delicious taste nothing can beat Indore. Indori namkeen and Ratlami namkeen are the spicy foods that are not only just for the masses but for the individuals who like something to soothe the ache of their taste buds. Masses now want something that is made according to the liking of the taste buds of the people around here. The namkeens owe have on offer have variety to suit every individual who is fond of eating a namkeen and to the group who wants variety of namkeen from sev to all the other varieties. The traditional taste of Indori tadka that is on offer is bound to leave you wanting for more. With the choicest recipes and lip smacking spices, the tasty food and tasty namkeen on offer will provide you with all the specific taste you are looking for.

We not only offer you with namkeen that is made according to the age old traditional that was followed through the years. We offer you something that is made after going through the taste of the public. We know what particular taste each segments wants and we offer you choices that not only leaves you satisfied but it makes you want more of it every time you get a taste of it. The Indore namkeen is just not only a namkeen but for many it’s a part of the delicious food that the city offers along with many other choices. With our namkeen you will forget all the other choices and will remember the taste you tasted with our name etched on it.

We give you variety of namkeen to choose from and that too at your doorstep. Our online namkeen program lets you choose the choice of you namkeen from home and you just have to click your favorite choice and we will deliver your choice of namkeen to your doorstep. We understand the changing technology and working of the people and we know people don’t have much of the time in the hurried life now and we have designed a program that suits every want and need.

We take a pride in saying that the Ratlami Namkeen we have on offer is the tastiest one you can get in the city. We use the choicest of spices and we have taken immense care in using the best quality of oil while making our products. All this painstaking process makes our namkeen not only tasty but healthy to eat too. The namkeen is made using the highest quality standards and the major attraction being the taste and the spiciness of the namkeen is retained throughout the process and the flavor is not lost.

People of Indore have a special taste and when it comes to quality eating, they don’t compromise. They like their namkeen to be spicy and Ratlami namkeen has a specific place in the heart of the people. The namkeen comes with variety of new tastes that gives them option to try new and assorted flavors along with the traditional Ratlami namkeen.

We have a variety of namkeens and they are sure to leave you wanting for more. We strive in making the best possible quality and we follow a process that gives you a definite taste that is never changed in the entire process of namkeen making. With our keen interest to provide the best taste of the town along with the best quality, with us you are sure to taste the best namkeen of the town.