The Lightning Thief

Hero's Journey


  • Percy thinks he is a bad student and an academic failure. He, like most other demi-gods, has ADHD and dyslexia. He feels like he doesn’t belong in schools.
Percy confused in school

Call to Adventure

  • Hades is the one who brings Percy the call to adventure.
  • Even though Hades is a enemy, his offer is not something Percy can refuse.
  • He tells him that he has his mother and if he ever wants to see her again he must bring him the lightning bolt.

Threshold guardian

  • Chiron is the one who refuses the call from Hades.
  • As much as Percy wants to go save his mother, Chiron is hesitant and does not allow Percy to go.
  • He knows the dangers of the Underworld so he does this to protect him.

Crossing the threshold

  • When Percy goes against Chiron's instruction and decides to save his mom, this is when he crosses the threshold into the unknown world.
  • Grover and Annabeth also go along to help Percy with his quest.
  • This crossing shows his determination and bravery, by taking this step it allows him to get the three pearls needed to get out of the Underworld
The trio leaving the camp.

Helpers & mentors

  • Grover is Percy's protector and is a helper.
  • Annabeth has been training all her life at the camp, but has never actually gotten the chance to go out and use her battle training.
  • Chiron is Percy's mentor. He has guided him around the camp, and also provided him with Riptide, Percy's sword.


  • The trio have to find three pearls. Each one is located in a different part of the country.
  • Their first pearl is found on Medusa's ring. Anyone looking into Medusa's eyes will turn into stone. She ended up having her head severed by Percy's sword.
  • They locate the second pearl in the Nashville Parthenon. However, they are confronted by the Hydra, which Grover petrifies using Medusa's head. Percy then uses the winged shoes to take it from a statue of Athena.
  • The third pearl is located at the Lotus Casino in Vegas. The three eat lotus flowers and forget their reason for being there. It isn't until five days later when Poseidon speaks in Percy's mind until they exit the casino.
  • With all three pearls, the trio head to the Underworld portal found in Hollywood.
The Hydra at the Parthenon


  • The final "guardian" of the Abyss is Charon, the ferryman.
  • He won't let the living into the underworld so Annabeth suggests giving him drachma (money). The ferryman then accepts and gives them a ride through the underworld.
"Charon" the ferryman


  • This is when Percy got his mother back, but when he threw his shield down the lightning bolt came out.
  • Hades said that he was a liar so he was going to feed him and the others to the souls while the hellhounds attack them.
  • Percy is faced with death here; Persephone suddenly becomes an ally by seizing the bolt, zapping Hades and saving the four of them from certain doom.
  • Only three people can leave the Underworld, so Grover is the one who must stay.
Grover, Annabeth, Percy and Sally (his mother)

transformation & Atonement

  • Percy gets his mother back. This shows how much Percy cares about her and respects her.
  • He knows that she married Gabe to protect the scent of his demigod blood, so he feels he must give back to her.
  • This makes their relationship better because Percy understands the sacrifices her mother made & why he has special disorders


  • Even after Percy he the bolt, he must still get it to Olympus in time. Luke tries to get the bolt from Percy and delay him, but Percy uses his powers and summons water.
  • He defeats Luke on his own, without anyone else's help.
  • Percy proves that he is a true hero because of this and also brings the lightning bolt back to Olympus.
Percy using his powers


  • In Olympus, Percy finally gets to see his father, Poseidon.
  • He proves his innocence and saves his mother.
  • Zeus gives Percy the wish of getting Grover back from the Underworld.
  • Everyone at the camp sees Percy differently.


Percy is shows a lack of judgement when he says to Grover:

Percy: Your half donkey! Grover: I'm half goat.

Another example of Percy's naïvety is when Mr.Brunner/Chiron hands him the pen.

Chiron: Percy, take this. It's a powerful weapon.

Percy: This is a pen? This is a *pen*.



An example of Percy's ineffectiveness is when Mrs. Dodds questions Percy about the bolt, he isn't very good at convincing her as she takes on a different form. She then proceeds to attack him, and without the help of Mr. Brunner or Grover, he was quite useless fighting.

Another example of Percy's ineffectiveness is when he is trying to slay the minotaur after his mother is taking by it. Percy has to be told by Grover how to activate his sword, simply by clicking it. This would seem quite obvious to most but Percy is ineffective in figuring this out.

When Annabeth is fighting Percy during capture the flag, he is ineffective and goes down quickly. This shows how ineffective he currently is with a sword.

Percy first using his sword


Going back to the beginning of the movie, Percy is unenlightened when he says:

- I wish I could spend all day underwater instead of this place.

This describes how he feels when he goes to school. He metaphorically would rather spend all day underwater and not go to school.

A second example of Percy being unelightened is when he goes home to his mother an he challenges his mother about why she lives with Joe.

Percy at school


In the Abyss, Percy is telling Hades that he doesn't have the bolt. When he drops his shield though, the bolt is found hidden inside. Hades says he's a liar and condemns the four (including his mother) to death.

He transforms in the Abyss when he is bargaining to get his mom and the bolt back.

His transformation (death and rebirth) occurs when he is about to die from either the hellhounds or the souls. He is "reborn" when he is saved by Persephone and is able to leave the Underworld.


The giving traits of Percy are brought up when it is time to leave the Underworld. At first, Percy is the one who wants to stay back, but eventually Grover stepped up. This demonstrates Percy's thoughtfulness of the others.


Percy's real effectiveness is displayed when he and Luke are both fighting for the bolt. He is able to show his true strength as he summons the water to take down Luke. He does this all on his own, without the help of Annabeth or his mother.

He is also effective at explaining to the gods why Luke stole the bolt.

Zeus: But tell me, if you didn't steal it, who did?

Percy: Luke, son of see, he was angry at you, all of you. He wanted you to destroy yourselves.

Zeus: You have done well


He is quite enlightened when he is able to speak to his father briefly, with Zeus's permission:

Father: I'm not expecting you to forgive me, but I want you to know that I'm grateful.

Percy: I didn't do it for you, I did it to save mom.

This shows he was thinking about who was in danger, and had successfully saved her.

Percy is enlightened when he finally finishes his quest. Everyone at the camp congratulates him, but he does not brag about this even though he easily could. He maintains a calm attitude.

Percy speaking with Poseidon

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