Jarvis Offutt

                      by Kendall N.

Jarvis Offutt looking as important as ever

Jarvis Offutt lived for the Air Force. He lived in bravery and courage. He died in World War 1, but his story lives on!!!

Jarvis Offutt as a not-really Jarvis Offutt baby

Offutt was born in Omaha, Nebraska on October 26, 1894. He always wanted to be in the air force. ( I think it's pretty cool too :)


In 1916 while still at Yale, he served as a company supply sergeant for the Yale Field Artillery in a summer deployment to Tobyhannah, Pennsylvania. Later in 1916, Offutt entered officer training at Fort Snelling, Minnesota, but after a month, he asked to be transferred to aviation.

Royal Canadian Flying Corps

Offutt was 1 of 300 canadates sent from the US to Canada to be trained by the Royal Canadian Flying Corps.He went with them to Fort Worth, Texas where he received commision as 1st Luitenant in the Aviation Section, Signal corps in Nov 1916.

World War 1 Air Force

Jarvis Offutt died on August 13th in 1918 by a military conflict. He was 23 and engaged. Later the Base was named the Offutt Air Force Base in his name.

Uniforms are different depending on who's wearing it. Most Air Force people wear green camouflaged uniforms. Others, (shown above) wear black or navy uniforms.                                                                                                                        

Silver star

There are tons of different medals you can get. There's rank medals, and there's medals where you do something to get it. You get the silver star for distinguished gallantry in action against an enemy of the US or while serving friendly forces against an opposing enemy force. (shown above)