Nancy Bird-Walton

By: Lauren C & Meher K


  • Youngest women in Australia to gain a pilot's license
  • Founder of the Australian Women Pilot's Association (AWPA)
  • Patron of the AWPA
  • Her own plane, Gipsy Moth, was used as an air ambulance.
  • She piloted the air ambulance
  • Gave Australian women the right to fly a plane
  • Had a terminal at Bourke Airport N.S.W. named after her
  • First woman to enter the Powder Puff Derby
  • First woman in Australia to get a job as a commercial pilot
  • Became one of the 130 pioneers on Victoria's New Honor Roll of Women
  • Pioneered Australian Aviatrix

Why We Think She is a Hero

        We think Nancy Bird Walton is a hero because she helped with the air ambulance that helps people in trouble. She created the AWPA which gave lots of women their pilot license. Without Nancy Bird Walton many women would not be flying a plane in Australia.


Photo of Nancy Bird Walton's face:    Photo of her in a plane:                  Photo of her next to a plane:                                          Photo of her with other people:


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