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Nancy L. Kourland has devoted her legal career to bankruptcy and bankruptcy litigation. Since 2009, Kourland has served as a Senior Associate with Rosen & Associates, P.C., in New York City, where her work focuses on Chapter 11 cases. An authority on all facets of Chapter 11 reorganization, she has spearheaded legal research and writing initiatives for a variety of complex cases. In her position with Rosen & Associates, P.C., Kourland coordinates with attorneys and regularly makes bankruptcy and district court appearances. She is currently admitted to practice in New York as well as the Southern and Eastern U.S. District Courts.

Nancy L. Kourland began preparing for her career at Barnard College, where she graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Ancient Studies and Latin. She was selected for departmental honors and the dean’s list every semester. She subsequently matriculated at the New York University School of Law. While studying for her Juris Doctor, Kourland contributed to the institution as a teaching and research assistant, as well as acting as articles editor and member of staff for the Journal of International Law and Politics.

Following law school, Nancy L. Kourland began her career as an Associate Attorney with Kronish, Lieb, Weiner & Hellman in New York City. Serving in the firm’s Bankruptcy Department, she handled Chapter 11 cases involving the Central National Bank of New York, AT&T, and New York Life Insurance. Kourland held similar roles with other New York City firms, representing a range of companies in Chapter 11, such as Walter Industries, Coated Sales, and Interco, Inc. Before joining Rosen & Associates, Nancy L. Kourland functioned as a Contract Attorney with Satterlee Stephens Burke & Burke.

Carnegie Hill Neighbors
By Nancy L. Kourland

A longtime community organization, Carnegie Hill Neighbors represents the area of Manhattan that extends from 86th to 96th Street between Central Park and Third Avenue and up to 98th Street from Fifth to Park Avenue. The group formed in 1970 to protect Carnegie Hill from developers seeking to transform the classic architecture into high-rise complexes.

Over the past 40 years, Carnegie Hill Neighbors has involved itself in many projects. In addition to fulfilling their mission of protecting the authentic look of the area, it also provides security, cleans up the streets, and offers environmental advice. In the 1980s it transformed barren islands into gardens that continue to contribute to the beautification of neighborhood. Residents who want to join can read about its upcoming events at

About the Author:

Trained in bankruptcy law, Nancy L. Kourland counsels clients in Chapter 11 cases and workouts from the New York law firm Rosen & Associates P.C. Interested in civic matters, Kourland belongs to Carnegie Hill Neighbors and supports the Central Park Conservancy.

Central Park Conservancy Preserves New York’s Finest Recreation Spot

Attorney Nancy L. Kourland focuses exclusively on chapter 11 bankruptcies, serving debtors and creditors as an associate at Rosen & Associates, P.C., in New York City. She counts legal research, asset sales, and district court appearances among her chief duties. Beyond such professional responsibilities, Nancy L. Kourland maintains involvement in Central Park Conservancy, an organization devoted to maintaining one of the world’s great urban green spaces and preserving it for the future.

The conservancy sponsors important sites, such as the Charles A. Dana Discovery Center. The first building to serve specifically as the park’s visitor center, it provides a home for the annual Holiday Lighting event, the Harlem Meer Performance Festival, and the Halloween Pumpkin Sail.

Other conservancy attractions include the Hound Hikes, which allow dog owners to take their leashed pets on a tour of the park’s North Woods and its picturesque bridges and waterfalls. Members can also sign up for drawing classes at the Dana Center and enjoy the annual film festival.

Price reductions and other discounts are available for members at popular tourist spots in the park and hotels outside the park.

Reorganization Plans - A Necessary First Step in Bankruptcy Workouts

A graduate of the NYU School of Law, Nancy L. Kourland, JD, is an associate at Rosen & Associates, PC. Nancy L. Kourland focuses on bankruptcy law, specifically chapter 11 cases and workouts.

Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code refers to reorganization of debtors’ finances in the case of workouts. A workout is a financial plan detailing repayment of debt and is an out-of-court alternative to bankruptcy negotiated between debtors and creditors. In the case of corporations, reorganization of finances is a major step in proceeding with a workout. Because workouts hinge on the availability of future cash flows to repay debt while sustaining operations, a reorganization plan that works out these specifics has to be put together. A reorganization plan generally includes forecasted financial statements for at least three years that show how the firm will finance operations while paying off its debt.

In cases where there is more than one creditor, those that do not agree with the terms of repayment or the viability of the reorganization plan are free to pursue other avenues for debt recovery.

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