CCL Design releases new Nano-Fit software upgrade

Nano-Fusion is pleased to announce the release of an updated edition of the Nano-Fit Software program!

This upgrade is at no additional charge to the user, and provides some new features & also enhances the software’s integration with the Windows operating system. Simply follow the directions below to download the new version as part of your existing Nano-Fit monthly subscription.

For current users...

1. Go to in your web browser.

2. Login to your SAi Cloud account. This login should be the same as your Nano-Fit account information. If you have trouble, use the ‘forgot password’ feature to gain access.

3. Click on the Nano-Fit software icon to open the software details page.

4. Click on “Download Now” and follow all of the instructions to download and install the software.

5. At the end of the installation process, the License Manager window will pop up. Enter your activation number (listed on the left side of the SAi Cloud page) to activate the upgraded software.

6. The new version of the software can be found in the program folder “Nano-Fit by CCL Design” after the download, installation and licensing steps are completed.

7. The old program version, “Avery Nano-Fit Cloud,” will still be on your computer. You may choose to uninstall this version at this time if you wish, it will not affect the new software version.

Interested in Nano-Fit?

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