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Drivers and installers love Nano-Fusion for automotive paint protection.

Drivers and PPF Installers are time and time again choosing Nano-Fusion PPF to protect their prized vehicles against scratches and environmental factors. The Nano-Fusion team has searched for stories of those who have shared their experiences using Nano-Fusion PPF. Here's what they have found:


Location: Greenville, TX

Car Make: 2006 Chevrolet Corvette

Verdict: "The Nano stuff was glossier and slicker than any of them, and on Norm's car there really was no comparison. The Nano Fusion film just looks and feels like really slick paint, where the others looked and felt like film over paint. I was totally impressed".


Speed 2000

Location: Atlanta

Car Make: Many

Verdict: "I install paint protection for a living and this nano film is beautiful. While there are other great looking products out there, this stuff is different. It feels like paint and is very hard and slick where other films feel more rubbery. You can write on it with a marker and it wipes off... which bodes well for fending off bug guts and acid rain.

The first word out of nearly every customer's mouth is WOW! If you've found a good installer that has some, you are lucky. I've had more compliments on this film in the last five months than in the previous nine and a half years".


Speed 2000 (second #shoutout!)

Location: Car Showroom- Atlanta

Car Make: Porsche

Verdict: "We've already had one customer let his clutch foot slip and hit a concrete wall in a parking deck, damaged the nano film but not his bumper. Avery's previous film was about twice as strong as most of the others and after seeing what this new film took, holding up against stone chips will be no problem.

Last week, one of my accounts asked us to do an install for the showroom with the new film. We did the install early the next day and left before any of the sales staff or management arrived. That evening I went back over there and turned in the invoice. When the finance manager asked what it was for I told him it was his show room car. It sat right in the middle of the showroom between the receptionist's desk and the front doors, dozens of people walked by it all day long and nobody noticed it had film..."


TintDude Forum

Location: TintDude Forum Durability Test

Car Make: N/A

Verdict:  "According to the statistics, not every polyurethane can cope with protecting the paint cover. Moreover, that does not depend on the thickness and effort, as many installers and common people tend to believe.

Honestly, I am very surprised as well... From the aesthetic point, not all films remained the same in appearance after the test".
(Nano Fusion does not show damage in any of the three categories)


Platinum Mitsubishi

Location: Calgary, Canada

Car Make: Mitsubishi

Verdict: “Surprisingly best product but not very well known”



Location: East Coast

Car Make: BMW

Verdict: "What I like about the Avery product is that its hard and smooth to the touch just like paint. What Ryan like is that its much easier to cut and lay compared to other products. I tried to take pics in angles that you can tell but its really hard to see it even though just the quarter of the hood is done".



Location: Southern California and South Florida

Credibility: FILMSOLV’s mission is to bring the best protective film technology for each individual application and to preserve the finish of installed film through the introduction of best practices and products for care and maintenance.

Verdict: "We surveyed installation technicians around the nation and found that most prefer working with VentureShield and Nano-Fusion because of their relative ease of installation".