The Path to Eternity

Youth Pastor/Pastor
Tristan Blank

West Coast Baptist College

West Coast Baptist College is a great college to invest both time and money into if looking at possible entering the ministry. General requirements for entry into West Coast include: either a high school diploma or GED, a SAT or ACT score-with a score above 25 qualifying you for a scholarship-, and a pastor's recommendation along with two additional references.

The tuition for West Coast varies with each student. Full-time student pay $3,000 for 12-18 credit hours and $165 per credit hour over 18.  Part-time students pay either $240 per credit 12-18 or $50 per credit hour.

I visited West Coast Baptist College for a week about a month ago. There were five distinctive details that i noticed while being there. First of all, the campus was rather large, yet it felt like a close-knit group. This is due to the friendly college students and the good, personable staff, who took time out of their busy schedule to personally spend time with me. Know several students and faculty members helped create a comfortable feeling. The most important detail of this college is their firm stand on solid Biblical doctrine. I feel like God has called me into the ministry and that he might want me to attend West Coast Baptist College.

Educational requirements

In order to obtain a pastoral theology degree a master's degree is required.

Necessary Job Skills

A knowledge of the scripture is required due to it being the platform and basis for the entire career

The ability to communicate with others is a key asset to which a pastor must be acquainted.

The ability to understand  and feel for someone else both physically and emotionally is essential in shepherding ones flock.

Preach The Word

This quote is so powerful and emotionally evocative. This quote means so much to me because it encourages me to go the distance and not back down from challenges. These words may not mean much to others, but given the back story of C. T. Studd it means a lot to me.  C. T. Studd came from a rich family in which his future possibilities were endless. Already establishing himself as a great cricket player, he attended Cambridge University where he furthered his education and cricket skills. Studd had a chance to be one of the best cricket players ever, but he gave it up in order to do the will of God. Studd became a missionary in China, where he saw thousands saved. I hope that when I leave this world behind, I could have the same said about me.

Joel Kobernat

One of the role models in my life is Pastor Joel Kobernat. Pastor Joel has served as a model for me in many different roles: coach, youth pastor, and friend. All three of these roles play a major part in my life.  

As a coach Pastor Joel has taught me the value of working hard and not giving up on your dreams. He has coached me for six years as I have   played for the Geneseo Patriots and for one year on the Geneseo Maple leafs at the eighth grade level.  Over the past three years I have played at the varsity level, averaging about 40 games a year. This vigorous schedule was both exhilarating and tiring, but was given to us to teach us to pursue a goal and not give up or tire out due to the distance. The values taught to me through my coach will follow me throughout my whole life.

The aspect of being a youth pastor and a friend to me go hand in hand. He has taken an unwavering stand for the gospel, yet while remaining humble while doing it. Although he teaches the youth group every Sunday morning, his duties are far from over. While still making time for his wife and three daughters, he always seems to make time for me. I know that I can send him a text or give him a phone call whenever I am need. The strongest aspect on Pastor Joel that I respect is his prayer life. He prayers for t he youth group every day. He retains a close relationship with God by praying to him and reading the Bible. These examples that have been set before me have provided me with a basis and a standard to live up to.

Interview with Pastor Joel

My life and the lives of many others have been greatly impacted by the drive and determination set forth by Pastor Joel Kobernat. During an interview that was done with him, Pastor Joel stated, "The Christian life is a Marathon, not a hundred yard dash." The effect that a statement like this can have on others is exponential. It gives strength in the hard times by reminding me that life is dependent upon small choices. Each small choice creates a bigger choice . You can't think that you will make bad decisions your whole life and just be fine and make a great one a t the end. As the Apostle Paul says, "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith," - I want that to be said of me. Pastor Joel drive and fervor keeps me going; I hope that I can have this impact on others.  

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