Figurative language in songs!

By: Tyler Ferguson

This is my example of a simile. It's from Talos Cruz'es song dynamite. They used this simile of saying Their going to light it up to give the effect that it's going to be a really awsome fun time.

"We gon' light it up, like it's dynamite!"

My example of a metaphor is this. It's from Michael Jackson's song Human Nature.He says that if the town is apple let him take a bite to say that he wants to experience the big apple city of New York.

"If this town is just an apple, then let me take a bite."

My example of personification is this. It's by Eminem's song called lose yourself. He is giving the effect that his soul is escaping. This is to help give a mood to the song.

"The soul's escaping through this hole that is gaping."