How  big  is  the  universe?

        The Universe is full of really beautiful galaxies which is also full of stars, millions of them.The galaxie is like a swirled circle spinning in opposite direction.Inside a beautiful galaxy are clusters and something that looks like a cloud it's called Nebulae.We have a Milky Way galaxy.In the Universe there are about 125 billion galaxy's and that's a lot.The shape of our galaxy is actually a spiral and they say it's bigger than other galaxy's.
         An interesting fact is that the Milky Way looks like milk spilled all over the beautiful sky full of millions and millions of stars.And talking about space the Universe is beautiful because it has millions of stars all over the place and that's what makes it beautiful.But I want to know how big the Universe is but they say that scientist's don't know either.But others say that maybe it's infinitly large I think but I think they really don't know because iv'e searched EVERY WEBSITE AND NONE SAY ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I HATE when that happens :[ UGH!!!!!!!!.
         The stars are beautiful because at our distance we see them shine sooooooo brightly :). The stars are a ball of gas and cosmic dust that stay in place in the beautiful dark sky.Also stars can die by their mass and also a supernova can kill a star..........I think.
          Well that's my tackk I'm done now soo.....BYE!!!!! :)

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