Millennials and the Media: Why Do I Get My News Where I Do?

      Millennials have more power for their age than ever before. In the past, restricted citizenship has denied many a people the rights they truly deserve. Not only do we as millennials have more rights than young adults have ever had before, but also access to technology others before us could only dream of. Our fathers before us had just gotten computers at our age, and before them, they may have just gotten a car. Now, millennials have everything from laptops, to smartphones, to tablets and more! Considering we live in the digital age, it only makes sense that we access the majority of our news through our handheld digital devices.

       By carrying a digital device, we literally have the whole world at our fingertips. We are lucky to have such amazing tools at our disposal! Even if it is done unknowingly, millennials with Internet access run across news on a daily basis. Even when we get online to search, headlines are presented to us with new information. As for intentional search of news, weather it is about the Kar-trash-ians or government politics, a multitude of news sources are presented to us online. I personally get my news from Yahoo, as well as an occasional visit. Searches online can be very specific, presenting us with the exact news we want that very moment.

       Television and newspapers, however, restrict us from searching too specifically. Television broadcasts show us what the station thinks we need to know at the moment, and do not allow for individual research. However, I do find that it is beneficial to listen to another person’s voice and hear their opinion as well as what they think we, as a population need to know; for this reason, I tune into the news every now and then. As for newspapers, these are things of the past. The only millennials that observe this form of media are those who either write it themselves or are featured in the paper. I do suppose newspaper archives are similar to search engines, but it is much less of a hassle to search things online rather than deal with the physical messiness. I personally do not consider using newspapers ever, but I do use television news occasionally. As long as we stay informed, I do not think that it matters how we as millennials get our news. It is important that we use the rights and powers we have to stay informed and change what we can in the world, even if we can only make small changes. All change has to start somewhere. For millennials, it just so happens to start on the Internet through research.