Nate Wimer

The unified civilizations of Egypt or Greece, Mesopotamia was a collection of  a lot of cultures whose only real bonds were their god. The social customs, laws, and even language of Cuneiform . As a result of this, Mesopotamia should be more properly understood as a region that produced multiple empires and civilizations rather than any single civilization. Even so, Mesopotamia is known as the cradle of civilization primarily because of two developments that occurred there, in the region of Sumer, in the 4th millennium BCE.


This is where Mesopotamia is and this is where all of this has taken place in Iraq. The place is surrounded by the Tigris river and Euphrates.

The way they write

This is the way they write in Mesopotamia they write in cuneiform. They write like this and they also have a statue that is now in the museum and it has the laws (282) laws.