Theme: Survival after the explosion

This is where Hiroshima is located.

This video is clips from the dropping of A-Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


On August 6, 1945

The bomb was deployed

Few would survive

and the city destroyed

People tried to aid

the injured around

after the raid

began to die down

Many were hurt

and clung to life

while others were burnt

and felt pain like a knife

The bomb changed everything

throughout the world

Hiroshima had been waiting

For this weapon to be unfurled

If i has able to help people in Hiroshima, I would try to get them to better medical care. Hospitals and doctors would be necessary to save some victims, and I would take them to those places.

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2 years ago

Nice gif background

2 years ago

It really kept my attention

2 years ago

Poem is creative, love the background, song is hilarious 😄

2 years ago

I like the moving background thing. Also it was easy to follow along with

2 years ago

Your poem is good, cool background!😛

2 years ago

Good job, love the background!