Nathaniel Anderson_Mesopotamia

                                                      Development of Cities

One aspect of the Mesopotamia society is the (Development of Cites). There was a massive amount of food surplus because of more people being apart of the city. So since there was more people there was more farmers, and then making more traders come in to sell. Then more making markets.

                                                         System of Writing

Mesopotamia had the first system of writing. They mostly used writing to keep records,pop.,crime,culture,food, and money, but as time went on it was more for communication and money. They used a clay tablet to write on, and used cuneiform to communicate with pictures.

                                                       Art and  Architecture

Art and Architecture is the most important aspect of the Mesopotamia society. They used art mostly to express their culture and gods. It also meant that they were advanced enough to where they had time to build sculptures and not be worried about war and fights.