What is Branding?

Branding is a whole group of things that make a company differentiate from other companies, like uniqueness of their products, or a logo that determines a company from the rest.

Benefits Branding can bring.

The quality of the product comes down as an element of branding, the service to customers and the treatment of staff classifies as an element of branding as well, there's the more obvious elements too like; the quality of the product, the appearance of it and the price of it.

What is differentiation?

Differentiation is when a company makes itself stand out and differ from other companies, through the use of a logo, slogan, or even special unique traits to their products, for example Apple iPhone and the Apple logo on the back.

Benefits Branding and Differentiation can bring.

Branding and Differentiation allows your company to stand out more, allows an easier customer focus, can bring in a wide variety of customers both new and old, makes your company unique and recognisable.

Problems Branding and Differentiation can bring.

Can result in people losing interest in the company and products, a change in the brand can result in a loss of old customers.

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