Nathan's Wonder Project:

Character's Tie to Theme

The theme that impacted my character the most was couragousness. The thought of him being deformed and also going to school is like, you have to have a lot of courage to do that. It is just unreal to do that. But, not for him I guess.

Character Influences

The character that influenced my character the most was Jack because he showed my character couragousness and friendship. Also, Jack was one of his few friends he had. The character that influenced Jack the most was August (My character) because August showed Jack to say what he feels so maybe August can help out with the problem. The importance of their relation is if Jack was not August's friend the whole story line would change. Also,August would be lost.

Art Represenation

DARK NIGHT-By:Leonid Afremov

This famous painting reminds me of when August and his mom were walking to school and the trees were kind of overwhelming August. His parents were overbearing like the trees in the the painting. The lights are glowing and paying too much attention just like everyone does to August.

Character Analysis

I chose