Happy National Poetry Month!

Read. Write. Rejoice.

In April we honor the largest literary celebration in the world: Poetry Month. Millions of readers, students, teachers, librarians, booksellers, bloggers and most of all poets are marking poetry's most important cultural development throughout the world.

Why Celebrate National Poetry Month?

  • To assist teachers in introducing poems and poetry lessons in the classroom.
  • Utilize this special celebration to encourage the education of poetry.
  • To encourage students and teachers alike to express themselves through poetry.

We are excited to celebrate and honor National Poetry Month by highlighting the different ways you can use Tackk to create your own poetry and showcasing some awesome examples by our fabulous Tackkers!

Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month in Your Classroom:

Use Tackk to Express Poetry: Prompt students to add images + media to their Tackk Poems to give the reader a visual meaning and better expression of their words.

One Poem a Day: Encourage students to write one poem everyday this month.

Use Different Types of Poetry: Ballads, epitaphs, haikus, Limericks, Rhyming, etc.

Favorite Poems: Encourage students to create a Tackk describing their favorite poem. Why do they love that poem? Who is the author? What does the poem mean?

Student Examples:

Resources from Teachers & Tackkers:

How Will You Participate in National Poetry Month?