India and its quest for quality human resource to compete in the global marketplace

India needs quality human resource and the Prime Minister, Shri Narender Modi, has reiterated the significance of skill many a time. Government too is moving to speed up skill development throughout the country to equip the young who’s got the will to work and earn, but doesn’t have the required set of skills to enter the job market.

When you talk about vocational skills and training programs, one name that you just cannot move without is National Skill Development Corporation and the NSDC partners in India, which together have performed incredibly in the past. NSDC is a public private entity which has been brought to existence to educate the young and unskilled and prepare them for trades and sectors which require quality manpower. Since one entity cannot reach to every nook and corner of this vast country that is India, it ropes in professional training providers, such as NSDC partners in India, which then leverage on their local networking to recognize those in need of skill and train them on different trades.

Usually a vocational skill program is of a short period. It may last from just a week to a month or more. Depending upon the performance of the attendees, they’re supported with the placement with different organisations. The notable sectors requiring quality human resource includes Retail (the organized sector), BPOs, Insurance, Automobile, Jewellery, etc.

A skill program not only brightens up the economic prospect of a youth, but also helps industries get what they often need the most: a consistent supply of quality man power which understands their tasks well in advance.

The Prime Minster has said that the future of lies in skill. The next couple of decades in India are going to witness a huge demand for skilled workforce, which the country is not likely to match. Though National Skill Development Corporation, NSDC partners in India and similar entities have been promoting skill development for long, the demand is just going to supersede the supply. The best the country can do is to speed up its skill development initiatives and reach the remotest corners of the country. And for this, it’d require support from the professional training companies which have the local expertise and resources to spot and train the youth and mobilize them accordingly.

Many nations have overhauled their existing policies and got new ones in place to promote skill development amongst their youth so they take up the vocational route without any hesitation. India has taken pretty much the same path and is hoping for a future where it’d not lag behind other countries.

National Skill Development Corporation and the NSDC partners in India have achieved many milestones in their journey to train the youth in vocational skills, and are helping the country realize its potential and position in the global marketplace. For more on skill development and organizations that provide programs for corporate training and vocational skills, please read our other articles.