National Bankers Trust

National Bankers Trust - Solution for Factoring Needs

About National Bankers Trust

Based out of Memphis, Tennessee, National Bankers Trust serves trucking companies across the country looking for a factoring agency that understands their needs. Providing fuel advances on every load, National Bankers Trust buys invoices at a discount, and this allows companies to acquire money 24/7 in order to fulfill their daily operational necessities.

Known for its transparency in business dealings, National Bankers Trust runs a number of programs that allow trucking companies to manage their revenue more efficiently. With “60 Minute Funding,” clients obtain money an hour after making a delivery. The quickest such program in the nation, this firm only requires drivers to fax proof-of-delivery documents. After receiving the documents, it will deposit the funds through EFS transchecks, fuel cards, bank wires, or online bill payment in less than 60 minutes. Additionally, using the organization leads to fuel discounts at most gas stations. Furthermore, certain preferred locations feature even greater deals so drivers should look at the firm's documentation to discover the best places to refuel.

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