National Crime Tips

National Crime Tips Offers Anonymous Crime Reporting Services

About National Crime Tips

Headquartered in Los Angeles, National Crime Tips is an organization providing citizens with a completely anonymous crime and arson reporting system. National Crime Tips formed with two intentions: to ensure callers remain uninvolved with resulting court proceedings and to offer potential rewards for reported tips.

The organization formed in 2010 as a tool to aid law enforcement. Call centers for 911 and other emergency services keep records of caller identities, which operators must release if subpoenaed for use in court. National Crime Tips provides a channel for citizens to make anonymous reports. The system works by allowing users to call and report witnessed crimes or provide information concerning ongoing investigations. The representative then relays the information to the appropriate law enforcement agency without violating caller anonymity.

As an incentive, the organization offers a potential reward of $1,000 to callers whose reports lead to eventual arrests or convictions. Rewards are distributed through Western Union using confidential code names and security questions given to callers.

National Crime Tips supports a number of causes and takes pride in giving back to its community. It uses public donations to fund its own efforts and those of other foundations. In 2014, it has donated to the Circle of Care Burn Foundation and to the IAFF Charitable Foundation, which provides support to the families of fallen public safety personnel.