National LLC

Quality Lighting Products and Service

About National LLC

Based in Glyndon, Maryland, National LLC offers a complete assortment of light fixtures. Committed to meeting the needs of its diverse range of clients, National LLC focuses on providing excellent customer service, making sure that customers are always satisfied with both the products and support.

National LLC supplies lighting merchandise to electrical contractors, schools, corporations, and restaurants. In addition to lighting fixtures, National sells products such as lamps and compact fluorescent ballasts. Keeping up with the constant changes in technology, the company offers the latest in replacement bulbs, including halogen, incandescent, pulse-start metal halides, and mercury vapors. Because the needs of every client and business are different, National provides consultations to help customers determine the best option for cost-effective lighting.

One reason for a high number of returning customers is the company’s service guarantee. Unlike those of other companies, National’s warranty includes replacement of bulbs and tubes for 10 years. If the item breaks or stops working under normal usage, National will supply a new one free of charge.

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