What is it?

  • Harsh form of reality, where man is alone
  • God is absent, One dimensional, biased view of the world.
  • Everyone has the same traits, and Nature is a destructive force, and Man is alone
  • Took over the world during the nineteenth century. Most vocal advocate was Émile Zola, a French author
  • Worldview is found in many works of art and literature

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Popular Green Day song that expresses naturalism in its lyrics

  • "I walk this empty street, on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams...and I'm the only one and I walk alone"
  • "My shadow's the only one that walks beside me...sometimes I wish someone out there will find me"

Relation to Worldview

  • Man is separated from everyone else
  • Wishes someone will find him and help him, but has only himself for comfort.
  • Usually, it would seem that God is walking beside you, but in this case, Man is completely alone.
  • "broken dreams" - relates to the realism side of naturalism                                                      - people have lost their spirits and hope, must accept things as how they are
  • Controlling Nature - nature will do anything to destruct human lives, rip apart the illusions of happiness that we created.

Captain Phillips

  • Captain Phillips, Abduwali Muse, an eastern African pirate, raids the U.S. containership Maersk Alabama in hopes to blackmail the captain into giving him millions of dollars. demonstrates the cruelty of humanity and how nature is also cruel and random with its actions.
  • In this situation of piracy, many boys and men have no option but to be a part of the dangerous and morally corrupt ways.
  • Piracy in Eastern Africa is this dangerous and corrupt, many boys don't have a way to support themselves so they end up in situations that can be identified as morally wrong.
  • Humanity, along with nature, can be cruel and dangerous to all people, morally good or bad.

Compare and Contrast - Christians vs. Naturalists

What is a human being?

CHRISTIAN: a living organism that embraces both the spiritual and materialistic dimension because spirituality is interconnected with realism. It is our spiritual dimension that allows us to love and feel deeply for one another. God set us upon earth, as we evolved into our current state, to better the world around us. This is because we are an extension of God's consciousness, individualized by free will

NATURALIST: a living organism that is animalistic, just like any other species or organism. Through coincidental evolution our brains developed the abilities of higher thinking, but we are subject to the same chaotic rule of nature that commands a blade of grass. Deeper emotions like love and kinship are mere illusions of reality that humans make up to create stability in their lives.

Why is it possible to know anything at all?

CHRISTIAN: We can know things because we are made in the likeness of an all-knowing God. And in searching to better understand God, we can better understand how the world around us functions and the truths of the human condition in relationship to God.
NATURALIST: It's really surprising we know anything at all. Actually, we probably don't. We probably just pretend to understand the world around us, conjuring up falsities about reality to create order in the true chaos of the universe.

How do we know what is right and wrong?

CHRISTIAN: Our spiritual conscious draws us to do what is right, but because of free will we have the ability to decide for ourselves. However scripture writing, human history, and others around us can help guide us, demonstrating the consequences of choices right or wrong accordingly, and with God's assistance, steer us to embrace a life a good over one of evil
NATURALIST: There is no right or wrong because life is one big mess in which we make decisions depending on a given situation. Rather than binary thinking, we should embrace the silver linings in life and make choices that help us survive and, when we can, help others survive because nature is cruel and unforgiving. Survive of the fittest, right?

What happens to a person after death?

CHRISTIAN: Through choosing right or wrong, we determine our fate after death. We can join a God in eternal salvation or spend our afterlife in the fiery pits of Hell. But God wishes for all to be in his Kingdom, so there will be infinite opportunities to make good choices in ones life, even if they go off the wrong path for a while.

NATURALIST: There could be another plane of existence we transcend to after life, controlled by some over soul. Or we could just cease to exist. Who really knows truly... And honestly, who cares.

Connection to Bible Passage-Psalms 14:1

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