Nature Photography Festival

Great lakes - St. Lawerence


What is it?

This is an annual event held in St. Lawrence Lowlands region with the main goal of uniting the community by having fun activities, showing others the beautiful land forms, and also giving knowledge to others about nature. This will take place from July 20st to July 22nd, located near the city of Toronto. There will also be a brochure at the bottom of the site that you can print out for the exact location and times.

Why should you come?

Well its extremely cheap and affordable for all types of families! It's only a dollar per person for a full day entry to an event of action packed fun. Here's the catch, you can redeem a free entry pass if you bring an item that benefits our community and/or environment. For example, if you bring nonperishable foods or gently worn clothing, then you just earned yourself a free entry. This event also only happens once a year, so you shouldn't miss a once in a lifetime experience. You get to see beautiful scenery and have fun with friends and family at the same time.

Facts about our landform region

The land of the St.Lawrence Lowlands is mostly flat, filled with nature, and surrounded by lakes. This land was formed when the last continental glaciation happened. It scraped the Canadian Shield, and Sedimentary Rocks filled the area where the region stands now. The popular lakes around this area are Lake Ontario, Lake Erie,and Lake Huron. As for mountains, this area is mostly flat and plain, so there are no mountain landscapes around.


The weather of this region is quite unpredictable, which is why the next topic, preparation, is something you should really look at before visiting. In the St. Lawrence Lowlands, we are the closest region to the equator, causing the weather to be mild. Our surrounding Lakes cause hot humid weather and moisture in the air, which means we have about 100CM of rain in the summers due to the humidity in the air.


Photos! This region gives you plenty of opportunities to take pictures because of its beautiful features

Preparing can be a hassle but if you follow this list then you should be all set to visit this region!

you should bring cool clothes that are suitable for the hot and humid weather such as; shorts,t-shirts, and a few long sleeves just for those colder days. But If you're planning to go in winter, warm and comfy clothes would be perfect! For example; Jackets,long sleeves, jeans and anything would be fine as long as its warm.

Since we have various activities you can do here, we recommend you bring; Umbrellas,raincoats, and rain boots for those rainy days and a camera to take lots of pictures for the festival or bring a Go Pro to capture all your full filled moments if you plan on participating in the activities.

Good luck! :)

Nature facts

Did you know that this region has the highest population of different birds than all of the regions in Canada?Get your bird watching gear!

St.Lawrence has an amazing diversity of Flora and Fauna, there are many varieties of plants and animals as well. There are mixed Deciduous and coniferous forests in this region; examples of the types of trees that grow along the northern sides(coniferous forest) are the white spruce, black spruce, white birch, jack pine, and the balsam fir, these are common species of trees from the Boreal forest. Some types of trees that grow along the southern border(Deciduous forest) are white elm, sugar maple, red maple, basswood, etc. The soil in St.Lawrence is very fertile, which allows many crops and foods to be grown there. such as; peaches, cherries, carrots, hay and much more. This is also why animals, such as(for example) moose, bears and migrating birds prefer to live around this area.

Available activities

From the previous topics, you should know that this region is surrounded by large bodies of water, nature, and flat land. One of the main activities here would be photography sessions, we will be having a professional photographer guide you around and teach you the basics of a camera. Afterwards, judges will look at the pictures you took and the best photographer will win the newly released Polaroid C746 Professional Camera. The second activity we will have is, the nature walk, which is where a tour guide will bring you around the region and teach you about different trees and animals. You will also have the opportunity to bring your camera and take lots of pictures of the landscape and the animals. The last activity we have in plan is, canoeing lessons. This is where a instructor will be able to come in and teach you all you need to know about the canoeing techniques  and how to prepare before you set out. Once you get the hang of canoeing, there will be a race, the first team who arrives to a destination wins and the prize will be a meal cooked by an amazing chef! The other teams who participated will get a bag of freshly made cookies and a cup of tea to end the day off.


The St. Lawrence Lowlands were once home to the Iroquoian speaking people, which were the first nations. They first settled in this region around the 14th century but were discovered around the year of 1535 by Jaques Cartier. They eventually died off near the end of the 16th century because of war and disease. Now, this area is home to the largest part of Quebec's population.

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July 21st - July 22nd @  Noon


Toronto, Canada - Algonquin Provincial Park - Ontario 60, Ontario K0J 2M0


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