Ancient Aztec Clothing and Weaponery

By: Avery, Shauntae and Sarah

Ancient Aztec Clothing

Aztec clothing was worn by the tribes that made up the Aztec empire. Aztec clothing was generally loose fitting. And it did not completely cover the body. As compared to the Spanish, who wore full body armour with only there faces exposed. Which surprised the Aztec when they had first encountered each other.

Aztec clothing was typically made from cotton or ayate fibres made from the Maguey Cactus. Women in the Aztec empire, would weave the fibres into clothing. They were taught how to this, when they were young teenagers. Because of all there trading networks, the Aztecs were able to use a various array of dyes.

On a different note, the Aztec military had there own line of clothing, which was based on by what military group you were in, such as for example: Eagle and Jaguar warrior. Even for the Aztec warriors, there was a hierarchy that was reflected by how adorned their clothing was. Those who were war heroes, usually wore more jewellery and more colourful, stunning clothing.

The Aztec military clothing offered some protection, ans there head dresses also served a purpose of being a helmet. Even some chiefs wore layers of gold. Warriors usually carried a decorated shield.

All though the Aztecs may have wore different clothing, for different hierarchy's, they all shared on thing in common, stunning colours that are seen, weaved into clothing, wore by citizens of modern day Mexico.

Aztec Weaponry

Aztec warfare was a highly organized, complex affair, steeped in ritual and tradition.The maquahuitls were incredibly strong, the Spanish claimed they could chop off a head of a horse with one blow. They could not thrust like a sword, and so they lent themselves to a different type of warfare. Another common ancient Aztec weapon was the spear. They were extremely sharp, and sometimes over 7 feet long. the blade was a foot wide made of smaller stone blades. Theses spears were known to pierce through Spanish armour.The atlatl was a spear throwing device, for longer distance combat. Bows and arrows known as tlahuitolli, were common as well. The bows were 5 feet long, and the arrow were pointed with flint, bone or obsidian.The slings (tematlatl) were used to send stones flying toward the enemy. They were thrown so powerfully and accurately, that they could do significant damage to a soldier in full metal armour.



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