The Game

By:Dylan Hemphill

The game

By:Dylan Hemphill

Swimming in an open large pool searching for someone with my eyes shut.

I swim around and around

calling Marco

I hear in response in a faint voice Polo.

I swim toward the voice as if I were

a mad man.

Swimming into a hard concrete wall I hit my head.

I turn around in frustration

in pure darkness.

A feeling of scared anticipation surrounds me.

MARCO I yell.

A soft Polo comes back in return.

Anger sets in, I swim in the direction of the voice.

I don’t know where to turn.

In the distance a large splash hits the surface

of the frigid water.

I swim toward the splash.

I only see the darkness.

A scream of MARCO.

A scream of POLO comes back

from behind me.

I turn around and jump toward the echoing voice

of POLO.

Frustration sets in, I hear a voice laughing

taunting me.

Anger is raging in my head

swimming in the direction of the voice

I grab the trickster opening my eyes

blinded by the bright sun.

We begin to laugh

as we walk out of the cold pool

shaking as we reach for our towels.

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