English II Pre-AP
Fahrenheit 451 Theme Connection Assignment

Due May 21

1. Choose a partner

2. Determine which short story you will use:

a. “There Will Come Soft Rains”

c. “The Pedestrian”

d. “By the Waters of Babylon”

e. “Harrison Bergeron”

f. “The Veldt”

3.  Find a song or poem that connect thematically to the short story.

4. Analyze the song/poem

a. Annotate the poem by 1. summarizing each stanza, 2. noting literary devices and techniques, 3. composing a thematic statement at the bottom of the text.

This could be done on paper and then scanned OR annotated electronically

5. Connect your short story and poem to a current event

a. Find a CURRENT (last 6 months) article addressing the thematic idea you found in your short story.

b. Link to the article

c. Write a one paragraph summary discussing the connection

6. Connect short story, poem/song, and current event to Fahrenheit 451.  

a. Write one paragraph summary discussing the thematic connection using at least 2 quotes from Fahrenheit 451.

7. Create your tackk - upload the link to the moodle forum.  

a. Steps 3-6 should be viewable in some form on your tackk!

b. Comment individually on at least TWO tackks.  Keep in mind your comments must be specific to the project!  

8. Bring your device on May 21 to share and comment in class!

We're getting techy, people! :)

To add the information, click the Aa button at the bottom of the edit screen

Then you can add text by hitting the button that looks like lines....

To add a photo of your annotations, click the camera button below and choose where the file is located.

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