Buenos Aires


The countries name is Argentina.  The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires.  One of the major languages in Argentina is spanish, the location of this place is in the southern United States.  The population of Argentina is 41.45 million, life expectancy is 76 years old/average age is 30.

3 biggest mountains are Aconcagua,Ojos del Salado,Monte Pissis.  

top 3 major architectural or geographical landmarks;Palacio Barolo,Museo de arte decorativo,Palacio duhau.

top three major bodies of water bodies of water in Argentina;Caratas del iguazu,chororo yguasu,cataratas do iguacu.

The temperature in Argentina ranges in the low 60's/50's.  Also a average rainfall of 5cm depending on the temperature.  Seasonal weather conditions is basically cold yearly.  Its  depending on the religion.  

Some popular music in Argentina is the tango/folk/cancion.

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