What is actually cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is  when a person troubles someone else mentally. This type of bullying is done online and is more worser than normal bullying as it changes one's feelings negatively and also has more effect of destruction.

Is cyberbullying right or wrong?

Cyberbullying is not right at all. Bullying is a great feeling and creates a spirit of within the bullier once that person has done bullying and compels him to bully many more people especially younger students kids.

How to stop cyberbullying then?

There are 10 ways to stop cyberbullying:

1) Tell someone, ask for help

2) Keep calm. Respond to provocations.

3) Save all evidences, take photos or screenshots.

4) Let the bully know that they are hurting you, tell them to stop.

5) Tell the police about this if the harassment has not stopped.

6) Don't post your personal information online( like your address, etc.)

7) Think twice before posting photos and ask others not to share photos.

8) Regularly change your passwords and use the old ones for different purposes.

9) Clear your contact list constantly.

10) Learn about and regularly update your settings.

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