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thejasoner1 a year ago
"Turtle" Todd Watson 2 years ago
yuxuanbai 2 years ago
MorganLuvs1D 2 years ago

come on look where im from lol. #DubNation

Troll Master 2 years ago

kyrie is hurt GS will win in 6

Hoops Gawd Organizer

Dubs all day! Splash bros baby

? Austin Z 2 years ago
twarner16 2 years ago
Princess Mathews 2 years ago

Go Cavs

Becky 2 years ago
Jason Buffin 2 years ago

Cavs in 5

Kyle Stalzer 2 years ago


Kenzi 2 years ago

Go Cavs!

Comment Stream

2 years ago

GREAT tackk:)

2 years ago

Yes, great Tackk! What an awesome game to watch! From my vantage point in the East, the GS crowd reminded me of Minions in the house😁 I sure hope Irving is ok. And it was great to see the scenes of Cali, again