By: Riley Jo Smith

Definition of cancer

Cancer is a disease that can kill you and can make you serious ill.

Inserting Facts

  1. She was diagnosed with stage 2 triple-negative breast cancer when she was 64
  2. On good morning america she talks about battling cancer.
  3. When she talks about battling cancer she says she has to make so many decisions.
  4. She could of worn a wig for the photo shoots but instead she wanted an opportunity to raise awareness.
  5. She had to make a big decision to let her hair fall out or shave it all off.
  6. She said turned something bad into good it is good because she can make a difference on other people.

What causes cancer

It is not clear what cause Osteosarcoma cancer all they know is it starts in the bones cells. There are a lot of reasons that cause lung cancer in nonsmokers one of the reason what causes it is air pollution. One of the reason what causes lung cancer in smokers is any smoke going into your lungs. Thousands of people all over the world get lung cancer because they smoke. Its unknown what cause eye cancer. Its very serious when you get eye cancer because you can lose your eyesight.

What are symptoms/signs of cancer

Some signs of lung cancer is coughing and shortness of breath. Some signs of eye cancer is having trouble seeing and seeing flashes or lights. Some signs of bone cancer is bone pain and swelling and tenderness near the affected area. If you have any kind of cancer you really just don't feel like the same person. These all the reason of the signs when you have cancer.

Who tries to help people who have cancer

There are a lot of people trying to help people with cancer. Family and friend will help you through anything this is something they will really help you through because it is something that is ever serious that can kill you. Doctors and Nurses will help you though it because they know what your going through because they deal with it all the time. A lot of people will help you through.  These are a lot of organizations that try to help cancer patients such as the pink fund and cancercare and many more. I think it is very sweet of people who try to help people with cancer.

Why is it important for people to know about cancer

Its important to know what cancer about because they hopefully fine a cure for all kinds of cancer. Another reasons why I think people should know about cancer is because it can  be very serious. The next reason why I think people should know about cancer is so they can help people with cancer. The last reason why I think people should know about cancer is cancer patients can sometimes be depressed so maybe people could help them feel better and not be so depressed.

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