Ground breakers in Cognitive Psychology

Jean Piaget

Jean Piaget was a major ground breaker in Cognitive Psychology. Cognitive Psychology is the study of the processes and how you store information and how thought processes influences your behavior. He said that children are not just a blank slate with no prior emotion. But he thought that children have complex thought even more so then some adults. Mental functions were thought to be gain little by little with age and knowledge. So children were thought not to know what was all going on. They do they have a simple yet oddly accurate way of solving problems and rough situations.  

This shows how thinking and learning different things might effect the way you act and behave in society.

    I believe that this is mostly true! Children are amazing thinkers on the aspect that they see things for what they are. They dont add in outside details or anything like that. They do not add in emotion they might further effect them. The world he lived in was that the older you are the more you know. Elder were given the utmost respect

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