Mobile Apps in the K-12 Classroom


Description: Mobl21 is an app that allows teachers to create course content that students can access on their mobile devices whenever it is convenient for them. Teachers are able to track their students use of the app. Students are also able to download content onto their devices, if they wish to review while offline.

Classroom Application: Teachers are able to create flashcards, study guides, notes, videos, images, and quizzes using this app. Students are able to access this material on their mobile devices which gives them the flexibility to review course information anywhere, anytime. A specific example of an education application would be to post a study guide using Mobl21, and practice quizzes reviewing the concepts learning in the Sky Science unit in a Grade 6 Science class before a unit test. Students could review and study from their mobile devices at a time that is convenient for them. The teacher could monitor student progress on the quizzes and would be able to provide extra assistance to struggling students before the test.

Journal Jar

Description: Journal Jar is a simple app that provides creative writing topics. Students simply “shake” the jar and a writing topic appears.

Classroom Application: Creative writing time could be incorporated into the daily routine. After the morning routine (attendance, announcements, agendas, etc.), students could be given 10 minutes of creative writing time. Students could use the journal jar app on their mobile devices to generate a writing topic and then write a response in their journal based on that topic.


Description: StoryKit is an app that allows you to create an electronic story book. This app allows you to add text, illustrate your story by either drawing, or taking a picture using the camera on your mobile device, and even record audio or sound effects to include. The app also comes with four popular existing children’s books that can be rewritten or rearranged.

Classroom Application: This app could be used in a Language Arts class during creative writing tasks. Students would be able to create their own stories in a much more engaging way than by using just pencil and paper. This could be also connected with Art in that children could create their own illustrations and then incorporate them into their story by taking a picture of them and adding them in.

Sock Puppets

Description: Sock Puppets is an app that lets you create videos where sock puppets lip sync whatever audio you record. The app offers a selection of puppets, backgrounds, and props.

Classroom Application: This app could as a presentation method for children. For example, if students are asked to research a famous or historical person and then present what they have learned, students could chose to present their information as an interview. They could use the Sock Puppets app to create a humorous interview between themselves and the person researched.

The Word Monsters: Learning to Read

Description: The Word Monsters: Learn to Read is an interactive reading tool. The app contains several different engaging books following the adventures of 5 lovable monsters. Each book is interactive and provides decoding, text highlighting and voiceover, character speech and speech bubbles; there are also three activities connected with each story that develop skills in phonics, vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Classroom Application: This app could be used for beginning or struggling readers during reading time. Students could load the stories on their mobile device, put in a pair of headphones, and read the interactive stories followed by the learning activities that follow. This would provide these students with extra assistance to scaffold their reading when teacher one on one time is not available.

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