How were tanks used in WW1?

Walker and Jonah

In WW1 tanks were very important because of their power and the fact that they were one of the latest technologies of that time period. For example they could climb 5 foot walls, and they can also cross 8 foot gaps. At that time could also operate well in wet terrains. Tanks could also protect soldiers from gunfire. Back then tanks worked so well that we still use them in our world today.

How did America get pulled into WW1?

America was brought into WW1 harshly for many different reasons. First of all there were many unauthorized German submarines along the east coast, and that was stating to worry people. In addition to that, the subs sank many U.S. ships. Also they new Britian and France were fighting the good fight for freedom. Those are only a few of the reasons America joined WW1.

Here is a picture of a German submarine.

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