7th Grade Top 10
By: Macey Chamberlin

10. Uglies

I loved our main project for Uglies! We made a face and had to decorate one side with what you see in New Pretty Town, and the other with what the truth behind New Pretty Town really is. I really enjoyed this project because I love art and being creative.

This is my project.

9. Chuzzlewits

One day, Caden recived a letter during class from a guy named Chuzzlewits. He gave Caden specific instructions to meet him somewhere, and report back what he is told. Caden told us what we had to do the next day during class. We had to figure out how to get into the classroom the next day, and then we had a bunch of challenges we had to complete. Every every game we

8. Outsiders' Day

Outsiders day was so fun! We played a ton of games and were VERY competitive. Everyone dressed up as either a Greaser or a Soc. I was a Soc, but most people were Greasers. We played Kahoot in Kwals room, did a relay race in Mrs. Krisfalusy's room, and played Password in Mrs. McHugh's room.

7. When KWal pranked us

One of my favorite times was when Kwal pranked us. He told us that someone stole his phone when he walked out of the classroom to talk to another teacher. He started grilling us, asking who stole it. He was really calm, but extremely serious. Then he started getting angry, threatening to give us extra homework. He assigned an essay, and every few moments, he would add another paragraph; "1 paragraph...2 paragraphs...3 paragraphs...4 paragraphs... If no one says anything, it'll keep on going". This is where things got scary. Everyone's faces started turning red, and everyone was silent. He started yelling things like, "Oh, so no one is going to talk" and "Is anyone going to fess up?". We had never seen him this angry; in fact we had never seen him angry at all. People started saying random things, trying to fill the silence. All of a sudden, Isabelle stood up and started asking questions about when he realized it was gone, could it have been someone from the last class. He started yelling at her, and lets just say it didn't end well. She started crying, and he felt so bad, he cracked. He pulled his phone out of his pocket. We were all shocked and a little angry, but we were all laughing hysterically. I will never forget the day that my 7th grade English teacher pranked our class to the point of tears.

6. Radio Plays

During the second quarter, we got into groups and recorded radio dramas. We had to make a believable radio cast, about a big event that we completely made up. To prep for this, we listened to the War of the Worlds teleplay.  

5. Formal

Formal was so much fun! I had a blast dancing and singing with my friends. We got together before the dance to get ready, and helped each other do our hair and take pictures. We had so much fun hanging out at the dance.

4. Reunited

This year I got to have a sleepover with my friends from my old school. We only live 30 minutes away, but we never got to see each other. So invited them over during Thanksgiving break, and it was so much fun! I had forgotten over the two years since I had moved how much I loved hanging out with them. We stayed up almost all night, talking, yelling, singing, and dancing.

Squad reunited💕😍

3. The Art Show

This year, Mrs. Seitz entered a piece of my artwork in the Lake and Geauga County Art Show. I was very proud of myself, because I won an award for my work. I was invited to an award ceremony and recieved a certificate. I was so proud and it was really cool.

2. Spring Break

For spring break, I went to Chicago with my family. We were only there for three-ish days, but it was AMAZING! We did so many things in those few days. When we got there, it was close to dinner, so we ate and then went shopping on the Magnificent Mile. I shopped in the biggest Forever 21 I've ever seen. But anyways, the next day, we went to the Willis Tower. We took the elevator to the 103rd floor. I was so scared because I am terrified of heights. But it was so much fun! When we got to the top, we walked around a little. The room was lined with windows, and on one wall, there were transparent boxes jutting out of the wall. We stood in line, and then we got to stand in them, hovering over the streets of Chicago. The funny thing is that even though I was the most scared, I took the first turn. Everyone was so surprised; even me! We also went to the Shedd Aquarium, Navy Pier, the Chicago Institute of Art, the Cloud Gate sculpture, and the John Hancock tower.

Willis Tower: "Plot Twist; I didn't vomit"
Shedd Aquarium: "Hey guys, I found him!"
Navy Pier: The Ferris Wheel🎡
Hancock Tower: So long Chicago👋

1. Camp

Camp was amazing! I had a blast with all my friends, and it was a great experience. I did so many fun activities and met so many people. But more on that later ;).


Image is Powerful

During our "Image is powerful" unit, we did an activity where we each wrote out what people see us as, and what we actually are. It was really interesting to see what people in our class were actually like, and not what we see them to be. I loved that activity and all of the others we did in that unit, as they really opened my eyes.

IRP #3

For IRP #3, we had a list of options to choose from for our project. I ended up doing a project for the book Paper Towns by John Green. I had to use the five senses to tell different parts of the story. For example, I chose Lilacs and Almonds to represent smell. This is also an important smell in the book. It was a really fun project because I got to think flexibly and be creative.


My Favorite Science Project

At the beginning of the year, we were assigned a project where we had to go somewhere and learn about something. I went on a hike in a local park and took photos of the experience. It was really fun and I took so many cool photos on the hike.

To survive Science class, you really just have to listen to the teacher and study for tests and quizzes. You do some labs in 7th grade, so make sure that you are always following the teacher's instructions and never working ahead.


On Monday, we went on the creek hike and pond study and played Survivor. We caught a lot of critters and saw some fish. And we got super wet...

On Tuesday, we went fishing in the morning and had Ultimate Frisbee and outdoor cooking. I didn't catch anything but it was still fun. At frisbee, I had a ton of fun. It was my favorite activity. I was not very good, though. And cooking was delicious. We made hobo pies. I had a smore one, with chocolate chips and marshmallows.

outdoor cooking

On Wednesday, we had Nature hike and Camo games in the morning, and Arts and Crafts and Orienteering in the afternoon. The nature hike was really tiring, and so was Camo games. At Camo games, we played Capture the Flag in the woods. During the Nature hike, we took a hike and learned about the history of the camp. Arts and crafts was really fun. We tie-dyed shirts and made bracelets. Orienteering was really boring. We had to figure out the directions of these things hanging off of trees all around camp. Then we had to measure the distance between them using a string.

Arts and Crafts

On Thursday, we had the Obstacle course in the morning and Dancing and Chinese/American games in the afternoon. The obstacle course was fun, but hard. There was a rock climbing wall and a zip line, and then other team activities. At dance, we learned all the dances we would be doing at the dance that night. Chinese and American games was a station where we play American games, and the similar Chinese versions. It was really fun and interesting.

Friday was really sad because no one wanted to leave camp. But camp was so fun and I will never forget all the memories and inside jokes we made there.

Already missing the best camp with the best people⛺️

A la carte


The best part about school is getting to see my friends every day. We love messing around and laughing at each other. It is really fun we have subs in study hall, and they let us sit wherever we want. We get to talk with our friends and sometimes, the subs let us use our phones. I think they just want to get on our good sides. But anyways, sometimes, this happens...

But that's only a few.


Even though girls lacrosse isn't technically through school until high school, we still have a middle school team. Lacrosse season is a lot of fun, especially when we have tournaments. Being a part of this team is so much fun because we truly have to work as a team. Lacrosse isn't fun when one person run the ball down the field and shoots. You have to pass and help each other in order to play well. It is so much fun.

My Precept

Listen to your heart. And your teachers.

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