Writing Portfolio
9th Grade English

Shawn Cohen

Jerkin... Not only A Dance but A Gigantic Movement. And, I would feel more than Welcomed to tell you how how it Started & Changed. Such as The Music, Dance Crews, Fashion, & How it also Inspired Me.

Jerkin Or Jerk is A Street Dance from Los Angeles. Every since 2009, Jerkin had Gained Fans all Along the West Coast. Also, the Great Dancing Movement was Gaining Popularity on The East Coast. But, the Movement wasn't only Moved by the New Boyz..... The Movement had Began to Change after One Jerker changed Jerkin as we know it Today. By, A Jerker Named Young Sam Or King Of Jerk (K.O.J.).

The Dance itself, consists of Moving your Legs in & out called the "Jerk", and doing other Moves such as the "Reject, Dip, & My Favorite the PinDrop". But, that was way before Young Sam took over Jerkin. Every since he took over have New Moves added like.... B-Boying(Toprock, Downrock, Freezes, Power Moves), Catdaddy, Crip Walk, Dougie, Harlem Shake, Popping(Floating, Moonwalk, & Strobing) etc.

Jerkin Music..... Has changed alot. It started from The New Boyz "You're A Jerk" to.... Young Sam's smashing Jerkin Hit "Hit My Catdaddy", The Ranger$ - What You Claim, & Last But Most Certainly not My Least. The Marvel Inc - " Bang It Like A Cholo".

Jerkin Fashion..... It used to be "Skinny Jeans, Pladed Shirts, & Vans. But Now since Young Sam has took over it Totally Changed. Because now we Wear.... "Tight Jeans(Varying from the Usual to the Unusual Colors & Washes), considered A Rejection of The Baggy Pants Style. Many Elements of Scence & the Raven are used in the Jerkin Movement. Also, the Fashion is Followed by"Novelty Graphic Tees, such as "#Jerkin Can't Die, #Swagg, Or #Dougie". Also people who Jerk wear Hightop Retro Shoes, Chuck Taylors, Nike Hightops, & Vlados. And what good is A Jerkin Outfit without A Snapback. Oh Yeah almost forgot The Vlados May Or May Not be Muti-Colored.

The Insperation The Jerkin Movement has affected on Me was Amazing

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