I Hate Myselfie by Shane Dawson

   The book,"I Hate Myselfie" is a collection of essays written by the author, director, and youtuber Shane Dawson. This book is a New York Times Best Seller. The Author, like I said before is a director of the movie,"Not Cool". This Movie was created in the competition, The Chair. He beat Anna Martemucci in a vote by fans or by people who enjoyed the movie. Now Shane Dawson is a youtuber which is a person who makes videos on you tube. He is a comedian and on his Shane Dawson TV account he has 6.5 million subscribers and for his vlogging account (Vlogging- A video blog or video log, sometimes shortened to vlog) has 4.8 million subscribers and he posts daily. He also has his own podcast with co-host Jessie Buttafouco. He talks about pop culture with guests in each podcast such as youtubers or celebrities.

       This book is about Shane Dawson's life how he went through depression in high school. Or just strait out his weird experiences such as when he did Astral Projection, but not on purpose. Astral projection is when is an interpretation of an out-of-body experience that assumes the existence of an "astral body" separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside it. It is like if your soul goes out of your body and you can see yourself and other people. You can only do this when you are sleeping. So what happened to Shane was that he did astral projection, not on purpose, it just happened and when he went out his body he ended up seeing the "demon" like thing that was trying to attack him. Then he returned back into his body and was freaked out. He also still continues to do it today. Another chapter in this book was his was about his school musical. So before he lost his weight he was around 300 pounds. So during his first high school musical he was chosen the part as the fat-tourist and his only line was,"Who's Hungry?" lets just say the school he went to wasn't really a great school. Any way of the night of the musical the person who was playing the lead part in the play was crying behind a fake wooden door prop. He asked why she was crying and she said she was nervous and she thought she was fat because she ate a whole birthday cake the night before. He said something like this, even if you were fat the audience would not pay attention to that because you have a beautiful voice. This made her feel better and went out on the stage a sung great and Shane did a great job saying his one line. One of my favorite chapters (I'm not really sure why) was the chapter about when he was addicted those sugar packets called Splenda that are a restaurants for coffee or other drinks. He had about 250 packets per day and that is definitely not a healthy diet because the sugar is fake sugar. So one time him and his family went to Disneyland. Shane was not feeling good so he went to the bathroom. Something took over him and he started screaming think there was a demon inside of him. His brother rushed in to try to calm him down but nothing was working. He passed out so they called 911. When he went to the hospital the doctor was asking him about his eating habits and if he passed out a lot. Shane replied that his eating habits weren't that great and he passed out almost every month. Shane learned from that and is now on a much better eating diet.

     This book shows if there are some bad points in life you can grow from the bad experiences in life. For shame he started as poor on Long Beach, California but know he moved to Los  Angeles, California. He now has a job for YouTube and making videos every day.  I believe this helps to inspire people  because I can show even though your life is bad at the time, some people have it worst in the beginning but then the grow from it and become something great. Also Shane is a comedian so when some people are sad they go to YouTube and shane cheers people up because he’s funny. Team internet is people who started off on the internet but then became big. Such as on YouTube, Shane probably started off as fifteen views on YouTube but then today, he has around a hundred thousand views or more and he gets to have interviews for all sorts a things.

A cartoon of Shane doing Astral Projection, he is planning on making a animation about this chapter in his book.

      I believe this song matches with this book because:                                                           1) He made this song.                                                                                                       2) This song matches his life.                                                                                     This song matches his life because during this song it explains he needs a vacation and if you symbolize it, it can represent how he wanted to get away from all the stress in his life when he was younger because his father wasn't that great. Then when his father and his mother divorced his father took a very great amount money so they were poor for a very long time until Shane started YouTube. He continued YouTube as a job and still does it today.    

This picture is the cover of his podcasts. He interviews YouTubers and celebrities with co-host Jessie buttafouco.
This picture is of Shane Dawson and his girlfriend Lisa Schwartz at one of his book conventions.
This Shane Dawson directing his movie "Not Cool" for the show The Chair
Here is another picture of Shane directing his movie "Not Cool".

    One thing that I've learned from this book is to not give up because if you keep trying you can reach your goal and good things can come your way when your trying to reach your goal. Like how Shane came out of being poor by YouTube and currently lives a better life today.

       Like I said before I learned to never give up. I believe that Shane learned from his past experiences and grew from them to be where he is today. For example on of his not so great experiences was one time he went to these additions for classes to become a well know actor.they said he could be in the classes but he hair to pay two thousand dollars. He paid for the classes even though at the time he was poor but some how he found the money. But anyway the classes were  phony classes and he ended up getting his money back and leaving the classes. About a year later they were closed down. I think this experience showed Shane to not all ways trust everything and everyone. Which led to blocking out the people and things you don't trust in order to get to your goal.

         This book taught me many lessons but the main one is to not give up. Even though this  particular lesson is used very often I think it's a good one to learn and go by.


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