Tips For Choosing The Right Motorcycle Riding Jackets

India has a cult of motorcyclists like any other country. These bikers travel across the country to explore new terrains and discover narrow roads leading to haven. But this discovery comes with a cost. A cost of safety. India is a country of uncertainty, each region offers a new challenge each day for the biker.

Therefore it is the need of the hour for the motorcyclists to ensure that he is geared with all the equipment that can allow him to win over these challenges. These challenges could be with respect to the bikes functionality like engine failure or running out of petrol or your personal safety. The issues of personal safety can be resolved at an individual level. One can ensure the usage of the right biking gear to be safe. But as biking has gained new momentum in the recent years, apart from just being safe people also want to look good while riding. Therefore, erupted the trend of wearing stylish motorcycle riding jackets.

Leather jackets worn by the movie actors especially while riding a bike resolves a higher objective than just adding to the looks. But did you ever wonder what are the parameters that should be considered while buying a leather jacket that not just makes you sparkle but also ensures safety, well here are a few;

The fit:

Yes, just like a tuxedo, the fit of a leather jacket matters. You do not want an oversized jacket that flutters with the wind or merely adds a couple of pounds to your entire look. A perfect fit motorcycle riding jacket helps in correcting the posture while riding. The tight straps give you better agility while riding against the wind or any such undesirable natural condition.


Not all motorcycle jackets in India are fire resistant. Ask the dealer to give you a fire resistant jacket. Apart from the material, protection also defines the cushioning done under the stiches. It should be comfortable for a long ride and help in maintaining your body temperature in extreme weather conditions. Though these jackets are usually available in basic colors of black, white and brown, request transparent neon strips to add visibility at night.


For a traveler, a jacket with many pockets can help you carry your world without much baggage, literally. If you plan on customizing your jacket, request for many pockets. Each pocket should be deep enough to hold multiple objects. Also the cushioning inside the jacket should ensure that sharp objects do not cut through the layer.

There are other accessories like knee pads, helmets, goggles, backpacks etc. that can be explored along with motorcycle jackets in India. So next time when you plan for a long trip, make sure that you are highly equipped to make the most of your journey.