Crossed by Ally Condle

This is the second book of the Matched serries.  Crossed is about a girl named Cassia who is seventeen years old and her family live in the Society, where no one can make their own choices.  Now her family got relocated and lives outside the society.  Cassia's parents put her in a camp, so she can find Ky the guy she loves.  She escapes the camp with her friend Indie to find Ky.  Hope you read and enjoy the book!                                                                                                      

Ally Condie


In the first book Matched Ky tells Cassia some of the story of his life.  In this book Cassia wants to know more about his life.  Cassia does find out more about his life towards the end of the book.

In this book Cassia is going on a adventure to find Ky. Cassia's main goal is to find Ky in this book.  In the middle of the book Cassia's has a new goal.

At the beging of the book all Casia can think about is finding Ky.  Cassia is so commited to finding him that she comes up with a plan to escape the Camp.  Cassia is also really determined to make her o

This song goes back to the first book Matched when Cassia first meets Ky.  Cassia is already matched with someone but she wants to be with Ky.  Cassia also loves her match too.

In this book it shows Ky's point of veiw in the book.  In the book Ky thinks about Cassia all the time and will do anything to find her.  Ky will also try to keep her safe.

Reviews From Good Reads

"Matched was one of my most favorite dystopian lit. books. That being said, I really looked forward to reading Crossed this year."

"I realized that it was because the writing was just so beautiful. It felt like I was reading poetry."

"Submission. Rebellion. Truth. All three are elements in Ally Condieā€˜s Matched trilogy, and all three, when working in concert, make for a captivating read."


I would rate this book as 5 stars because I could't stop reading it.

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