My So Called "Exaggerated "

Perspective  As  A  Muslim

Jerusalem was supposed to be ours, it was everything we needed. Our prophet, Muhammad, was taken up to the heavens. Also, it is our where we turn to pray, now Muhammad will have to change it since it was conquered.

When we took over Jerusalem it was for many purposes. Our prophet Muhammad was taken to the heavens there. Also, many of our people stay there to study and resident. This was our land, until they took it over.

When the Crusades started many of our people were gruesomely injured and killed. They took everything we loved and needed and destroyed it, they took Jerusalem. That forced our people to flee the city or fight for it.

In my own perspective, they raged in to kill our people. They say they gave our people a chance to surrender, but they didn't they just killed and killed. We weren't prepared for this, their group was too superior.

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