AmpleLiving Coupon Class

Learn to shop for MORE and spend LESS with coupons!!

AmpleLiving offers a coupon class that is interactive and lifechanging for only $10 per attendee.

Learn how to shop with coupons along with store sales and save LOTS of money!!  I have the ability to show you how to spot a sale, and combine coupons to avoid paying retail price, at times getting items FREE!!  I am an extreme couponer, who has built a stockpile valued at approximately $10,000 and I may have spent $300 in total for everything! This took me one year! I will share with you for one hour policies, strategies and resources that can assist you in spending LESS and getting your pantries stocked!!  No more running out of tissue, or soap, etc!  Once you have a stockpile your family now has security in knowing their needs, household and toiletries will be met!!

                        Paying retail/full price should NEVER be an option!!Please contact me at 678-791-8745   Quienna Bdillalovesme Davis - Facebook  @amplelife - twitterEach attendee will pay $10 and receive knowledge, advice & have the ability to ask questions. Also, you will receive coupons to get you going in the stores and saving quickly along with a shopping guide.