The Transferring and Transforming of Energy

By Ian Garcia

In this picture the kinetic energy from the guy with the blue jersey is transferred to the ball which hits the guy in the face. Ouch!

The water is boiling and turning into a gas. That my friend is an example of an energy transformation.

Young Mrs. G. Chen (;

M- Mechanical R- Radiation S- Solar  G- Gravitational Potential Energy C- Chemical H- Heat E- Electrical N- Nuclear

The electrical energy passes through the wire and makes the light bulb turn on. It transferring from Electrical to light and a little bit of heat energy.

Kinetic To Potential Energy

The dude with the football has kinetic energy until the other guy slams him to the floor.

Chemical to light energy.
FIrework go up in the sky and when the chemicals combine together it creates a light.

Mechanical to SOUND  ENERGY
The mechanical car makes noise which is sound energy.

This shows light energy to thermal energy. As the light energy hit the surface of earth it creates heat in our planet which makes our planet warm ... in some places at least.

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